Member spotlight: eight black transport

Eight Black Transport is a small, independent ground transportation company owned by Simon Chen and Matthew Deutsch.

The company has 3 vehicles (2 x BMW’s and 1 Lincoln Navigator) and bases 2 of the cars out of the Boulder/Longmont area and the 3rd car out of Denver.

Matthew is a Colorado native, growing up in Parker. He has always had a love for the mountains, and although he spent about a year in New Orleans, LA, Colorado called him back home. An avid snowboarder, having lived in Vail and Breckenridge, he now resides in Denver with his wife Kristin.

Matthew has 5 years of extensive knowledge and experience in the limousine and taxi industry, having completed over 5,000 trips and driving nearly 300,000 miles to and from Denver International Airport, ski resorts, concerts and other events.

With a commitment to helping people and providing an excellent customer service experience, Matthew thrives in this industry which provides a plethora of human interaction mixed with his enjoyment of driving.

Simon is Australian and has lived in Colorado for 4 years. Prior to moving to the US, Simon and his family were based in Singapore. He has spent the past 15-years consulting to technology companies across Asia Pacific and the US and as held several senior management positions for large multinationals.

Like Matthew, Simon also has a passion for driving and all things car related. Simon taught part time for 15 years for Australia’s largest and most respected Advanced Driver Training company.

With late model vehicles, which are meticulously clean and maintained, you can tell both Matthew and Simon take great pride in their work. The company regards itself as a dependable and high quality affiliate, already handling 100+ trips per month for a Denver based operator.

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